Ad Posting Rules

To start using, keep in mind the following three things:

  • 1.Nothing illegal, unfair or damaging is permitted.
  • 2.Make the buying or selling pleasant and as risk-free as is possible
  • 3.It should support the values of entire community.


Prohibited Practices for Sellers


  • ➣Use defamatory, insulting, threatening, abusive or offensive language
  • ➣Use language that has the potential to incite hatred for an individual or a group or community
  • ➣Post ads in inappropriate categories
  • ➣Post classifieds relating to items for use in sexual activity.
  • ➣Use images that are obscene, offensive, pornographic, nude or otherwise inappropriate.
  • ➣Use any title and/or description with inappropriate, suggestive language, irrespective of the item contained in the listing
  • ➣Provide inaccurate description of the product/service you are offering to sell
  • ➣Use provocative or exaggerated titles or descriptions
  • ➣Quote unrealistic prices ( For e.g. posting title like Iphone x with unrealistic price is not allowed )
  • ➣Knowingly show inaccurate location
  • ➣Post duplicate ads
  • ➣Use suggestive / adult material
  • ➣Post ads for electronic goods ( including but not limited to computers) that contain virus, Trojan horse worms etc that can be damaging, detrimental to the buyer/user's devices
  • ➣Please do not post ads for products you do not have the right or license to sell under government regulations.


Consequences of Breach of Listing Policy

  • Users who violate the prohibited items policy and / or the restricted items policy may be subject to the following actions
  • ➣Permanent blacklisting from community
  • ➣Initiation or supporting appropriate legal action to the maximum extent possible
  • ➣Reporting to Law Enforcement or Appropriate Authorities
  • ➣Deletion of ads with/without prior notice.
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